Our Fraternity is proud to have a large family that extends over three states California, Nevada and Colorado with 26 chapters spread across, we have a strong brotherhood. We NAK’s are never homesick; because we have family all over that we can rely on. Here are the chapters of our organization. We are one of the fastest growing Fraternities out there and our Program of Expansion is always working on newer chapters. Currently we are in the midst of expanding our fraternity to these campuses: Arizona State, CSU Bakersfield, and CSU Long Beach.


Founding Chapter

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Est. February 26, 1988
Chapter President: Alex Fernandez

Alpha Chapter

California State University, San Jose

Est. February 26, 1989
Chapter President: Robert Enriquez

Beta Chapter

San Diego State University

Est. February 10, 1990
Chapter President: Luis Martinez

Gamma Chapter

California State University, Sonoma

Est. June 20, 1992

Chapter President: David Brambila

Delta Chapter

California State University, Stanislaus

Est. November 22, 1992
Chapter President: Felipe Sanchez

Epsilon Chapter

California State University, Fresno

Est. November 22, 1992
Chapter President: Omar Arciniega

Zeta Chapter


Eta Chapter

Santa Clara University

Est. September 18, 1993
Chapter President: Orlando Villa

Theta Chapter

California State University, Chico

Est. September 9, 1995
Chapter President: Saul Jimenez

Iota Chapter

California State University, Sacramento

Est. July 27, 1996
Chapter President: Leo Nambo

Kappa Chapter

University of California, Davis

Est. November 30, 1997
Chapter President: Jorge Garcia

Lambda Chapter

University of California, San Diego

Est. December 21, 1997
Chapter President: Alberto Gordillo

Mu Chapter

Colorado State University, Ft. Collins

Est. April 10, 1999
Chapter President: Ismael Martinez

Nu Chapter

University of California, Riverside

Est. November 12, 2000

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Chapter President: Raul Moreno

Xi Chapter

California State University, Monterey Bay

Est. February 28, 2004
Chapter President: Luis Aguirre Nuñez

Omicron Chapter

University of Nevada, Reno

Est. April 17, 2004

Chapter President: Eric Uribe

Pi Chapter

California State University, Northridge

Est. April 2, 2005
Chapter President: Rene Salazar

Rho Chapter

University of California, Los Angeles

Est. April 30, 2005
Chapter President: Bob Beltran

Sigma Chapter

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley

Est. April 21, 2007
Chapter President: Rudy Vargas

Tau Chapter

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

Est. May 18, 2008
Chapter President: Moises Alvarado

Upsilon Chapter

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Est. May 23, 2009

Chapter President: Hugo Hernandez

Phi Chapter

National Hispanic University

Est. November 12, 2011

Chapter President: Osvaldo Ruelas

Chi Chapter

California State University, San Marcos

Est. May 26, 2012
Chapter President: Christian Cayetano
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Psi Chapter

University of California, Irvine

Est. August 17, 2012

Chapter President: Kevin Ramirez
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Alpha Alpha Chapter

University of California, Berkeley

Est. December 6, 2014

Chapter President: Eduardo Sarabia
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Alpha Beta Chapter

San Francisco State University

Est. December 14, 2014

Chapter President: Jonathan Limon